David Koch ranked richest person in New York state by Forbes

David Koch is worth $42.7 billion.

David Koch stands tallest among New York’s wealthiest.

Forbes listed the richest people in each state and the 74-year-old investor was the was the top with a $42.7 billion worth, according to Forbes. Koch’s value ranked fourth on the list with Bill Gates, who was the top in Washington, Warren Buffett, Nebraska’s richest person, and former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who was number one in California, taking the top three spots.

David Koch’s brother Charles was the wealthiest person in Kansas. The magazine tracked down public assets and estimated private ones for its rankings.

Here is the top ten list:

Washington: Bill Gates $78.8 billion

Nebraska: Warren Buffett $70.2 billion

California: Larry Ellison $52.8 billion

New York: David Koch $42.7 billion

Kansas: Charles Koch $42.7 billion

Wyoming: Christy Walton $39.1 billion

Arkansas: Jim Walton $37.6 billion

Texas: Alice Walton $36.4 billion

Nevada: Sheldon Adelson $29.7 billion

Virginia: Jacqueline Mars $26.8 billion

Ivan Pereira