City’s tech digital hub turns one year old

The online hub that connects New York’s booming tech industry turns one year old Thursday and the city says it has been a huge success.

Digital.nyc had more than 789,000 visitors look up job listings, investors, meetups and other information posted on the online hub since its 2014 launch, according to data from the mayor’s office. The tech sector accounts for nearly 300,000 city jobs and $50 billion in wages and the administration said the portal has been crucial in sustaining its growth.

 “An innovative public-private partnership, Digital.NYC set a new standard for access and information by bringing every aspect of the tech sector into one home on the web,” Jessica Singleton, Chief Digital Officer, said in a statement.

Dennis Adamo, who created a startup Daydream.io, a virtual reality music platform, said he benefited from digital.nyc because it helped him to connect with other entrepreneurs and promote his idea to a broader audience.

“It gives you exposure that you don’t have access to. You can only make so many phone calls and write so many emails,” he said.

Internet users from 11,041 cities around the world such as London, San Francisco, Mumbai and Tokyo checked out the site. Some of the most searched items on the site include intern, software, entry level, marketing and product manager.