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NYC mayoral debate drinking game: Raise a glass as de Blasio, Malliotakis, Dietl face off

Mayor Bill de Blasio will debate Nicole Malliotakis

Mayor Bill de Blasio will debate Nicole Malliotakis and Bo Dietl on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017. Photo Credit: The New York Times / Sam Hodgson

Three mayoral candidates will take the stage Wednesday night for the final general election debate.

While Mayor Bill de Blasio has polled higher than all his challengers, Assemb. Nicole Malliotakis and former NYPD detective Bo Dietl haven’t dropped their fights to defeat him come Nov. 7.

After a raucous first general election debate where an unruly audience saw an attendee removed from the theater and the candidates shouted over each other, often cutting each other off and going over their time limits, what will happen at this final debate is anyone's guess.

To make the night more interesting, play this drinking game as you watch the debate, which will air on CBS 2 News and WLNY-TV 10/55 (in Spanish).

Drink if...

-Dietl or Malliotakis attack de Blasio's response to the Manhattan truck attack

-an audience member gets kicked out

-Dietl breaks his promise to be “a real gentleman,” not “Wild Man Bo”

-Malliotakis brings up de Blasio’s donor list

-de Blasio calls Malliotakis a pro-Trump Republican

-Dietl calls de Blasio “Big Bird” 

-de Blasio’s Park Slope gym is mentioned

-Malliotakis suggests she'll "give the boot to" de Blasio, referring to her foot brace.

-Dietl cuts off either of his opponents during their alloted time

-the moderator has to tell the audience to be quiet

-Malliotakis offers de Blasio a Red Bull

-de Blasio dodges questions about the subway system by noting that it’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo's responsibility

-Malliotakis accuses “this mayor” of refusing to work with the governor

-any of the candidates call the infrastructure in NYC “Third World” 

-Malliotakis accuses de Blasio of trying to “raise a national profile”

-de Blasio starts a sentence with “Look...”

-Malliotakis calls herself the “candidate for the disenchanted”

-Dietl recounts how many times he was robbed while acting as an NYPD decoy cop

-de Blasio dodges questions about controversial statues by referring to his new commission

-Malliotakis or Dietl say de Blasio should use his birth name of Warren Wilhelm

-Malliotakis or Dietl accuse de Blasio of corruption 

-de Blasio accuses either opponent of making up facts

-de Blasio or Malliotakis argue over whose Spanish is better

-de Blasio dismisses a question as “apples and oranges”; drink twice if the question is actually a perfectly valid apples to apples comparison

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