Brooklyn massage parlors in Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst shut down amid prostitution bust

Investigators shut down nine massage parlors in Bay Ridge and Benshonhurst following a nearly yearlong investigation into alleged human trafficking and prostitution rings, the Brooklyn DA said Thursday.

Ken Thompson said 15 employees were arrested and charged with various criminal counts including prostitution and were fined for unlicensed services. The NYPD and the district attorney began investigating the stores in January after residents filed complaints with elected officials and the community board about suspicious activity.

“We conducted these raids and made these arrests because the good people of Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst are sick and tired of these dens of prostitution, masquerading as legitimate businesses, popping up in our communities,” Thompson said in a statement.

The DA’s office closed four locations: Fenny Beauty at 6701 11th Ave.; Happy Beauty/Lyn Spa at 7110 20th Ave.; On Hung Beauty Center, at 7303 18th Ave.; and Ocean Beauty Spa, at 7312 18th Ave.

Police shut down five other parlors: Yan Yan Spa at 7901B 17th Ave.; Josomodo Spa “Happy,” at 7401 New Utrecht Ave. Yisn Jing Spa at 7422 New Utrecht Ave.; A1 Bodywork at 6920A 13th Ave.; and Kabuki (E & B Spa) at 8015 17th Ave.

The victims will be screened by the NYPD Vice Enforcement and Victims Services counselors and be evaluated for placement in special programs, according to the DA.