Leaving their mark for auto victims


To memorialize bicyclists and pedestrians slain by automobiles and focus attention on the dangers on the road, Time’s Up!, the East Village-based environmental group, Tuesday night resurrected a former campaign: stenciling the outline of a full body and the names of victims and the date of their deaths on the street where they were killed. Time’s Up! started last night at Avenue A and Houston St., one of Manhattan’s most dangerous intersections, where in May, Brandie Bailey, a 21-year-old Williamsburg resident was killed by a garbage truck while biking home from her job in the Village. Last week, Elizabeth Padilla, a 28-year-old attorney was killed when she was riding her bike in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and was hit by a box truck carrying ice cream. “Relative to other cities in this country and around the world, New York is devoid of infrastructure that would effectively promote safe cycling,” said Bill DiPaola, Time’s Up! executive director. “The city also refuses to adequately prosecute or enforce traffic laws that would cut down on this careless and reckless driving.” According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services statistics, automobile accidents are the number one cause of death for people under age 44.