Letter, Week of Nov. 7, 2013

Trust but landmark Tribeca 

To The Editor:
Tribeca Trust is a non-profit organization in Tribeca, founded last September to promote the improvement of Tribeca’s remaining public spaces; education about Tribeca’s history; and the good stewardship of our historic districts.  As of July 31, we have submitted a request to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for expansion of the boundaries of Tribeca’s historic districts.

Interested readers can look to our website, www.tribecatrust.org, to see a two-minute photo slide-show that makes a strong case for expansion.  The slide show is “What Happens When You Under-designate a Historic District?  The Case of Tribeca.”

Readers can also see photos of all the buildings and blocks in Tribeca that currently have no protection and merit inclusion in our historic districts.

The Landmarks Conservancy, the Historic Districts Council, and Landmarks West! have all supported this cause.  We invite residents to sign up for our newsletter on the website to stay abreast of our activities and to find ways to volunteer with us.
Lynn Ellsworth
Chairperson, Tribeca Trust