Letters to the Editor, Week of July 18, 2019

Bone-nanza for tours

To The Editor:

Re “Bones to be reburied in Washington Square Park” (news article, July 11):

This is dignified, and it makes me proud.

Thank you, Community Board 2, for your resolution that says the community board “looks forward to consideration of additional narrative markers which might elaborate on the rich history of the park.” 

I hope these markers are illustrated and include information about the area’s Native American heritage.

Jared Goldstein
Goldstein is owner, Jared The NYC Tour Guide


At the Queer Liberation March, John Kelly, sporting a Howl! Happening gallery T-shirt, held a sign for Marsha P. Johnson, the legendary Greenwich Village gay-liberation activist and self-identified drag queen. Johnson was a prominent figure in the 1969 Stonewall Uprising. (Photo by Bob Krasner)


Feeling the Pride again!

To The Editor:

Re “Alterna March reboots to Pride roots” (news article, July 11):

This! This is what I used to go to when attending a Pride parade! Love this! Thank you for publishing.

Kelli Anne Busey


Losing pride in Pride

To The Editor:

Re “The problem with Pride” (Guest Editorial, by Elissa Stein, July 4):

Weve just banned billboards on barges on our rivers. Lets stop letting commercial groups use our L.G.B.T. and ethnic parades as an advertising medium. If they really want to support the groups staging the parades, let them hold up a banner on the sidelines or get listed in a program for the event. But taking up all that space and time with their tacky walking and squawking ads is intolerable and stretched this “Pride” parade into a 12½-hour ordeal.

My first Christopher St. Liberation Day march was in 1974 and it was joyous and I have attended every one since until this year. In time, however, the march turned into this unrecognizable parade to nowhere.

Time for the city to step in and set limits on commercial exploitation of these events. Thank goodness for Reclaim Pride — a true commemoration of the Stonewall Rebellion.

Andrew Humm


Reinholz rave review

To The Editor:

Re “Wolff dishes more (alleged) Trump dirt” (arts article, July 4):

Reinholz’s superb writing style, in combination with her excellent research into the facts of the matter, make this a nuanced, informative and thought-provoking read. Kudos to you for having such an outstanding journalist contributing to your paper.

Janet Wolfe


Hitting the wall 

To The Editor:

Re “Just say No to East Side Resiliency Plan; I did” (op-ed, by Paul DiRienzo, July 4):

Great to see someone reporting on and taking a stand with their positions about the city’s plans for the East Side Coastal Resiliency Plan. Regarding Gouverneur Gardens, I wanted to just clarify a couple of quick things.

In his column, Paul DiRienzo writes: “Gouverneur Gardens would have to cede land along Montgomery St. for a wall that the Mitchell-Lama co-op building would then apparently have to care for and insure. The wall’s ability to protect the E.S.C.R.P. from nature’s flanking maneuver isn’t a sure thing.”

My current understanding is that we won’t be giving up our land, but rather ceding access to the city to our property for their floodwall system. In our case, the floodwall would be on the public sidewalk adjacent to our property. Never have we been told that we would have to care for the wall, and we certainly wouldn’t agree to that. One of our biggest concerns, however, is liability. But I don’t believe we are being asked to cover any insurance for the floodwall along our area.

Your comment about the wall’s ability to protect us all is duly noted and will remain a concern we seek to address.

Thanks for your continued care on this very important issue — and especially for taking the time to highlight Gouverneur’s role and concerns within all this. It’s much appreciated.

Frank Avila-Goldman


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