Mark-Viverito tweets apparent Cuomo criticism

Melissa Mark-Viverito on Nov. 19, 2013.
Melissa Mark-Viverito on Nov. 19, 2013. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Craig Barritt

No rest on Twitter for the weekend.

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito on Saturday took what appeared to be a jab at Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Twitter for allegedly not responding on the East Harlem explosion.

“Tax 500k + earners=outrageous, hedge fund backed chargers=enthusiastic support, raise min wage=not on my watch, #EastHarlemExplosion=SILENCE,” she wrote.

Mark-Viverito’s office said on Sunday that they didn’t need to comment further because the tweet “speaks for itself.”

Cuomo’s office told the New York Post  that “like many of the things that get said on Twitter everyday, this is factually inaccurate.”

Cuomo has yet not visited the gas explosion site, which was located blocks from Mark-Viverito’s office.

Cuomo railed against the 24-hour news cycle, saying it has made governing harder and it “changes the rate of the dialogue.”

“I don’t believe it raises quality,” Cuomo said. “As a matter of fact, I think it lowers quality, but it increase the frequency. These 24-hour blogs. Everybody’s in a competition. They have to get it up first. They have to get up fast. So you have this constant chatter, that is not necessarily the most credible, the most insightful.”

Cuomo has butted heads with Mayor Bill de Blasio over charter schools, and he defended charter schools on John Catismatidis’ radio show on Sunday. He called charters “little laboratories that are trying new ideas and provoking a dialog that says we have to change.”

“The answer is fixing the public education system and making it better writ large,” Cuomo said. “But I do believe [charter schools] provoke the conversation. I don’t want to see them end.”