Mystico’s Horoscopes, Week of Oct. 9, 2013


mysticoAries  Like mature fall film fare after an endless summer of fluff, autumn heralds a period of sober, Oscar-contention contemplation…in matters of the heart!

Taurus  A brochure touting the virtues of a state you’ve long regarded as dull catches your fancy, tempting changes in expensive winter travel plans currently being finalized.

Gemini  This is not the week to embark on bucket list, risk-taking thrills. Stay home, watch a British mystery on PBS and live to conquer your dreams in the sixth month of 2014.

Cancer  Ground black peppercorns, liberally applied, will make the absence of salt surprisingly bearable. Bad habits will be broken this week, by finding suitable substitutes.

Leo  Times New Roman, your time is up! An outrageous new font will bring flair to an otherwise daunting project, giving you the fresh perspective needed to bring it in just under deadline.

Virgo An unpleasant recovered memory will cause you to no longer regard a treasured knick-knack as whimsical. Trash it — and feel no obligation to fill the void.

Libra  Like a subway car bereft of ads, your late October social calendar is a blank slate soon to be filled by a boisterous but precise crew working the overnight shift. Go with the flow!

Scorpio  Jackhammers, wailing tots and unkind words have no dominion over you this week, as your laser-like focus returns threefold. Use it to benefit a friend in need — and claim the serenity you seek.

Sagittarius  Words spelled IN ALL CAPS will fail to persuade the recipient of your nasty email. Put some sugar on that bitter pill — or just try asking nicely!

Capricorn  Your partner’s stunned silence speaks volumes when you reveal an uncharacteristic Halloween costume choice. Bond over a two-person horse outfit.

Aquarius  Three July entries in that dream journal you rarely use will provide stunning insight regarding the nature of an impending spike in anxiety. Fears, begone!

Pisces  A litterbug’s discarded flyer for night classes reawakens your desire to craft ornate table settings. A friend’s hastily planned wedding benefits from this long-dormant skill.