Naked Trump costumes donned by Rise & Resist protest president’s fitness for office

A group of activists plan to dress as naked President Donald Trump and chant “Emperor has no clothes” at the Village Halloween Parade Tuesday night.

Rise and Resist, a group that has protested a number of Trump’s actions as president, is comparing the president to the emperor in the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and published in 1837.

In the story, con men tell the emperor they made him an outfit with fabric that isn’t visible to anyone who is unfit for office or stupid. The emperor, his ministers and the people in the town pretend to see the clothes because they don’t want to admit they’re unqualified or foolish.

The ruse continues until a child finally says the emperor isn’t wearing anything.

“It’s a perfect story for what’s going on,” said Elissa Stein, a spokeswoman for Rise and Resist.

“Everybody knows what a disaster this has been,” she said about Trump’s presidency, “but he’s surrounded by people who won’t stand up to him.

“While there are people sort of speaking out, so few Republicans are standing up and saying ‘Trump, you’re not wearing any clothes.’ ”

The group opposes Trump’s executive orders on immigration, his proposal to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and his efforts to repeal Obamacare, among other policies.

Rise and Resist wore the naked body suits and wigs resembling Trump’s hair twice last month. They held a demonstration in Times Square after riding through the city on CitiBikes, and later marched in the outfits when Trump was in town for a fundraising dinner, Stein said.

About 15 to 20 members are expected to be dressed in the body suits at the start of the Halloween parade on Sixth Avenue at 7 p.m.