NYC Bodypainting Day in Washington Square Park to have models ‘of all shapes and sizes’

Nude models “of all shapes and sizes” will act as canvases for 50 artists in Washington Square Park on Saturday.

The fourth annual Bodypainting Day, organized by the Human Connection Arts, will take place in the park starting at noon. “[Fifty] artists will paint 50 nude models of all shapes and sizes in full public view,” a news release about the event said. 

This year’s theme is humanity, organizer Andy Golub said. The event will serve as “an important opportunity for artists to share their feelings about humanity with the public at large,” he said in a statement. 

Golub held a body painting event in Times Square in June. Inspired by the “Subway Therapy” project, he organized the event for models to choose inspirational sayings to have painted on their bodies.