Win. Lose. Draw!

The Campaign Finance Board is looking to the public for a new design for the iconic “I Voted” sticker given out at city voting booths.

“Allowing New Yorkers to have a say in what their ‘I Voted’ stickers should look like expresses the unique pride we have for the place we call home and reflects the diversity of our amazing city,” Amy Loprest, the board’s executive director, said in a statement.

Applicants of all ages can submit their sketches to the board’s website,, between now and April 14. The drawing must incorporate the phrase “I Voted” into the design and fit in a circle two inches across.

The submissions will be judged on “their overall aesthetic, the strength and effectiveness of the design’s message and the uniqueness or standout factor of the design,” according to the CFB.

Ten finalists will be chosen for a public vote and the stickers will be ready for this year’s primary elections.

The first sticker contest was won by 10-year-old Zoe Markman in 2013. Her design features an image of the Statue of Liberty.