NYPD’s Summer All Out program puts nearly 300 extra cops on NYC streets

Precincts targeted in 2017 saw 44 fewer shootings than the year before, police said.

The NYPD’s Summer All Out program, in which nearly 300 extra cops are assigned to areas with statistically higher-crime rates throughout the city, will start on Friday.

A total of 293 cops, previously working in administrative roles, will be deployed to eight precincts and one public housing area for the summer months, according to the department. This is the fourth year the department has used this approach.

Shifts vary based on what the commanding officer in that precinct needs, but officers will mainly work overnights.

“We are still experiencing pockets of violence, and it is our core mission to address those pockets of violence,” said Chief of Department Terence Monahan. “We constantly pour over the data, we study every crime . . . It is these hot spots where we will deploy our All Out officers.”

The officers will remain in the precincts through Labor Day, Monahan said.

This year additional officers will be deployed to the 32nd precinct in Harlem; the PSA 7, 40th and 43rd precincts in the Bronx; the 67th, 73rd, and 75th precincts in Brooklyn; the 103rd precinct in Queens; and the 120th precinct in Staten Island.

Monahan said the program has led to reductions in crime in the past, and that precincts where last year’s program took place saw 44 fewer shootings compared to the same time period the year before.

“Seeing an officer on post in an area that has experienced violence also provides a measure of comfort to residents of that neighborhood,” Monahan said. “And beyond any crime statistic, showing the city is safe and getting safer, it’s more important to ensure every single New Yorker actually feels they are safe.”

Alison Fox