Parking meter rates increase in Manhattan, other boroughs to follow

Parking meter rates were increased in Manhattan on Monday.
Parking meter rates were increased in Manhattan on Monday. Photo Credit: Dark House/Alberto Ponticelli

Drivers in Manhattan will have to dig a little deeper into their pockets when paying the meter.

The city Department of Transportation raised parking meter rates in the borough on Monday for both commercial and private vehicles.

The rate increases vary depending on the type of meter — private or commercial — as well as by location, according to the DOT.

In Manhattan’s “core area,” which includes parts of lower Manhattan and midtown up to 59th Street, private parking meters were increased by $1 to $4.50 an hour. Between 96th and 110th streets, rates went up by $1 to $2.50 an hour. Drivers in other neighborhoods south of 96th Street will see a 50-cent jump to $4 per hour.

A second hour of parking will cost private vehicle drivers an additional $7.50 in the borough’s “core area” and $6.75 everywhere else below 96th Street.

Commercial parking rates in Manhattan’s “core area” were increased by $2 per hour to $6 for the first hour, $7 for the second hour and $8 for the third hour. Commercial meter rates rose by $1 elsewhere below 96th Street, per the DOT.

Additionally, all passenger parking meters with a one-hour time limit located south of 96th Street have been extended to two hours.

This is the first time the city DOT has raised parking meter rates since 2013, officials said. The increases, which the DOT described as “modest,” were first announced in May.

Meter increases will be rolled out in Queens on Nov. 1, and Staten Island and the Bronx on Dec. 3, per the DOT. Brooklyn’s meters were increased in September.