Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas grace the red carpet at Tribeca Film Festival Official Competition premiere

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Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz attend the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Official Competition on June 14 at BMCC.
Photo by Dean Moses

The final days of the Tribeca Film Festival saw the industry’s most iconic stars hit the red carpet one after the other — all the way from the United Palace in Washington Heights down to the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center in Lower Manhattan from June 8 to June 19.

That’s show business and other Hollywood tropes used to describe the eccentric styles and big egos on set are unveiled in the Spanish comedy Official Competition where beloved duo Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas returned to the silver screen once more in this Tribeca Film Festival premiere on June 14.

The comedic feature follows a billionaire entrepreneur who decided to shift gears and enter the movie business, hiring auteur director (played by Cruz), a Hollywood hunk (Banderas) and a renowned stage titan (Oscar Martínez) to create a film like no other; however, the eccentric personalities and egos clash creating a calamitous debacle on the set.

Antonio Banderas. Photo by Dean Moses

The stars of this Spanish satire graced the red carpet for TFF’s premiere on June 14 at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center located at 199 Chambers Street.

“We’re showcasing and exploring the worst side of show business,” Banderas told reporters on the BMCC red carpet. The film he explains pokes fun as well as underscores vanity, ego, and other unacceptable ways of behaving, not just in the industry but in other professions as well.

Penelope Cruz. Photo by Dean Moses

Cruz shared with the press that she drew her character’s quirkiness from others in the industry, studying their mannerisms and interviews. She also states that filming with Banderas was an absolute pleasure with several laughs on the set.

Both Cruz and Banderas have known each other for close to three decades, and the fun-loving chemistry between the pair showcased both on the silver screen as egomaniacs and on the red carpet as good friends enjoying each other’s company.  

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