Stringing together support

Scott Stringer, above left, with Randi Weingarten, president of the United Federation of Teachers, won the support of some major city unions last Wednesday in his Manhattan borough president bid. In addition to the U.F.T., Stringer received the backing of building workers Local 32B-J, UNITE HERE! (the merged UNITE and hotel workers unions), Musicians Local 802 and the United Fire Officers Association.

“Scott Stringer is a tireless advocate for education, human rights and for Manhattan and all of its diverse needs. He has an outstanding record as an assemblyman and has repeatedly displayed the courage and moxie to do the right thing,” said Weingarten. “The borough presidency is a job that calls his name.”

The unions represent over 65,000 members who are Manhattan residents.

“These are very special endorsements for me, representing the working people who have made our borough and our city such a special place to live and grow,” said Stringer, who represents the Upper West Side. “I commit to them, as I do to all Manhattanites, to build a Manhattan that is safer, more affordable and with an education system that prepares our youngsters for a better tomorrow.”