Angry Young Women in Low-Rise Jeans with High-Class Issues, A light-to-serious look at the psychology of urban goddesses. Piece began with a series of character studies based on simple listening and whatever else flew into creator Matt Morillo’s head. Thru Feb. 11; Thurs. – Sat. at 8pm and Sun. at 3pm. THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY, Cino Theater, 155 1st Ave. at E. 10th St. $20. Sundays are pay what you can. 212-868-4444. www.SmartTix.com.

Antigone, A new translation of Sophocles’ “Antigone” with an Irish diction and contemporary idioms of power politics. Jan. 25 – Feb. 11; Thurs. – Sun. at 8pm and Sun. at 2:30pm. LA MAMA, E.T.C, 74A E. 4th St. $18. 212-475-7710. www.lamama.org.

BUSH WARS, Features current events told through 16 musical parodies and many costume changes. It takes a funny yet insightful look at America’s current government and how they have dealt with religious freedom, the courts, the brain dead, democracy and more. Performances are Fri. & Sat. at 8pm; Sun. at 3 & 7pm. ACTOR’S PLAYHOUSE, 100 7th Ave. South at 4th St. $55, $37.50 for 7pm shows on Sun. 212-239-6200.

CultureMart 2007, View an array of hybrid performances that meld music, theater, dance, video, puppetry and more. Thru Jan. 28. HERE ARTS CENTER, 145 6th Ave., one block below Spring St. 212-352-3101. www.here.org.

Dirty Girl, Meet Dori Richter, a nice Jewish girl from Long Island whose life changes when she answers an ad in the newspaper seeking a “writer/editor who must be comfortable with male nudity.” Based on the real-life experiences of playwright Ronnie Koenig, who was an editor for Playgirl Magazine from 2000-2002. Thru Jan. 27; Thurs. – Sat. at 8pm. THE KRAINE THEATER, 85 E. 4th St., bet 2nd & 3rd Aves. $18. 212-868-4444.

Greener Grasses, A serious comedy that deals with “Post Traumatic Slave Disorder” and is set simultaneously in two centuries, on a southern slave plantation and in a contemporary urban neighborhood. Thru Feb. 4; Thurs. – Sat. at 8pm and Sun. at 3pm. THEATRE FOR THE NEW CITY, 155 1st Ave. $15. 212-254-1109. www.theaterforthenewcity.net.

Kill Me Like You Mean It, An absurdist film noir for the stage by The Stolen Chair Theatre Company. A leggy redhead is shot dead in the middle of her nightclub act and Ben Farrell, American private detective, is on the case. Thurs. – Sat., Jan. 18-20 & 25-27 at 8pm. THE RED ROOM, 85 E. 4th St., bet 2nd & 3rd Aves., 3rd floor. $15, $10 students & seniors. 212-868-4444. www.horseTRADE.info.

MacBeth: A Walking Shadow, A new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic play. It opens on the battlefield and is told through flashbacks with MacBeth revisiting the events that led to his eventual showdown with MacDuff. Thru Jan. 27; Wed. – Sat. at 8pm. MANHATTAN THEATRE SOURCE, 177 MacDougal St., bet Waverly & W. 8th St. $18. www,TheaterMania.com. 212-352-3101.

No Great Society, Beat legend turned virulent conservative Jack Kerouac comes back to life in the unlikely form of Susie Sokol, a shy poet prone to sudden outbursts, on a panel discussion about hippies led by William F. Buckley, Jr. Fri. – Mon., Jan. 19-22, $15. Wed. – Sun., Jan. 24 – Feb. 11, $20. NEW YORK THEATRE WORKSHOP, The 4th Street Theatre, 83 E. 4th St., bet 2nd Ave. & the Bowery. 212-239-6200. www.telecharge.com.

Once There Was a Village, An ethno opera with puppets and found objects about 400 years of the East Village. Jan. 25 – Feb. 11; Thurs. – Sun. at 7:30pm and Sun. at 2:30pm. LA MAMA, E.T.C, 74A E. 4th St. $20. 212-475-7710. www.lamama.org.

The Rapture Project, Piece brings together tabloid newspaper stories, literature about Armageddon and fundamentalist iconography and follows an unlikely cast of characters from the USA to the Middle East and beyond. Thru Jan. 21; Thurs. & Fri. at 7pm, Sat. at 7 & 10:30pm and Sun. at 2pm. HERE ARTS CENTER, 145 6th Ave., bet Spring & Broome Sts. $20. 212-352-3101. www.here.org.

Room Service, The play centers around an unscrupulous producer who is trying to find financial backing for his new show. He convinces the playwright to fake his own death and the hotel doctor is bound and gagged. The situation goes from bad to worse in this comedy from 1937. Continues thru the middle of Feb. Wed. – Fri. at 8pm, Sat. at 3 & 8pm, Sun. at 3 & 7pm and Mon. at 8pm. SOHO PLAYHOUSE, 15 Vandam St., bet 6th Ave. & Varick. $65. 212-691-1555. www.sohoplayhouse.com.

The Silent Concerto, Explores the tangled relationship among three lifelong friends who are caught inside a play that cannot progress past the first scene. The threesome makes repeated attempts to reach the longed for curtain call. Jan. 25 – Feb. 17; Mon. & Thurs. at 7pm, Fri. & Sat. at 8pm, also Sun., Jan. 28 at 7pm. THE 14TH STREET THEATER, 344 E. 14th St., bet 1st & 2nd Aves. $18. 212-868-4444. www.smarttix.com.

Sylvia So Far, Was Sylvia Rivera truly instrumental in launching the June 29, 1969 Stonewall Riot? This musical celebrates the life of transgendered Queer rights activist Sylvia Rivera (1951-2002). Thru Jan. 21; Fri. & Sat. at 10pm and Sun. at 5:30pm. THE CLUB AT LA MAMA E.T.C., 74A E. 4th St. $18, $15 students and seniors.

TJ & Dave, TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi are improv artists from Chicago who will be bringing their long-form improvisation to New York City audiences. On the first week of every month, they will create a full-length play from scratch without audience suggestions. Thurs. at 10pm, Fri. & Sat. at 11pm and Sun. at 9pm. THE BARROW STREET THEATRE, 27 Barrow St. at 7th Ave. $25. 212-239-6200. www.telecharge.com.

You Belong to Me; Death of Nations, Part V, A physical and musical rollercoaster ride of love, betrayal and murder throughout the ages. The piece crosses the Civil War’s finale, the Native American genocide, Germany’s fall after WWII and climaxes in the not-too-distant future opening of Baghdad Disneyland. Thru Jan. 23. PERFORMANCE SPACE 122, 150 1st Ave. $15, $10 members. 212-352-3101. www.ps122.org.