Umami Burger customer’s take-out included more than a burger

The words “Trash Like You” were scrawled inside a 15-year-old New Yorker’s burger box.

One 15-year-old New Yorker got more than she expected in a recent take-out order from the popular California transplant Umami Burger.

The youngster, whose father bought her said take-out as a feel-better present because she was at home sick, instead found herself feeling confused and disgusted. In addition to her delicious burger she found the words “trash like you” written on the side of the box.

“I’m sick to my stomach,” Juliette Borghesan told DNAinfo New York, which originally reported the story.

What’s worse, the employee who wrote the words told Borghesan’s father Tom that before the box held a burger, it was filled with trash, hence the message. Apparently, it was being used as a trash receptacle despite a take-out box’s small size, and when the restaurant ran out of take-out boxes, they used the box for its original purpose. The employee had called to apologize to the family, and told them he had been fired, according to Borghesan.

We reached out to Umami Burger, who told us they were handling the issue internally, and confirmed the apology.

“The writing on the box was an obvious mistake and was not intended for the customer,” said a press rep. They would not comment further.

One possible lesson? Take out may not always be the best option.

Georgia Kral