Central Park: Annual NYC water fight will be shut down

Central Park is being a wet blanket about this year’s Waterfight NYC.

The park Tweeted in response to an excited participant using #WaterfightNYC Thursday that the giant water gun battle planned for Saturday, July 24, is “not a permitted event & will be shutdown.”

Waterfight NYC posted to its Facebook Event page, which currently has over 62,000 people registered to attend, that the large number of RSVPs “made the Parks Department worried about the lawn and littering which are our worries too.”

The organization still seems to plan to hold the epic water war, stating that instead of having people all congregate on the Great Lawn as originally planned, they will post different areas around the park to spread out the game.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience but this shouldn’t affect us very much,” Waterfight NYC posted. “Make sure to only wet the people with water guns and look for big open spaces with lower traffic to wait for others!” 


Correction: A previous version of this article noted that the event was listed on the park’s website. However, centralpark.com is not officially affiliated with the park.