Man found unconscious between Uptown 6 train cars at City Hall station

Medical personnel desperately pry the unresponsive man from between train carriages.
Photo by Dean Moses

Police are investigating an incident at the City Hall station in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday morning after an unconscious man was found between two subway cars.

At 12:56 p.m. on Dec. 16, FDNY units responded to a trauma call within the City Hall train station near 15 Centre St., where a man was found unconscious on the Uptown 6 train. 

Witnesses notified MTA when they saw a man in a crumpled heap between the train cars, with one leg dangling precariously down toward the tracks. As the train remained stalled in the station, FDNY’s emergency services pulled the man’s leg up slowly, dragging him into the train car where they tried to wake him. 

MTA evacuated the train cars while the man was being rescued. Worried commuters gathered around the scene, while someone yelled “Watch his leg,” as he was receiving aid. 

The man’s leg dangled between the cars. Photo by Dean Moses


Responders checked his pulse and rubbed the man’s back, hoping he would regain consciousness.  At one point, even lifting his eyelids to check his pupils. Once the man stirred slightly, they placed him onto a gurney and transported him to New York Presbyterian Hospital. 

FDNY Units check the patient’s pupils. Photo by Dean Moses

As he was being wheeled into the ambulance, a patient ID band was clearly visible on his wrist, but it is not currently unknown if the individual was just released from a hospital. 

According to FDNY sources, the man is in stable condition.

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