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Q&A: Kevin Ryan, owner of Denny’s Steak Pub

Kevin Ryan, owner of Denny's Steak Pub for

Kevin Ryan, owner of Denny's Steak Pub for Kensington City Living in amNY on 12/18/14 (LAUREN HOLTER) Photo Credit: LAUREN HOLTER / LAUREN HOLTER

Kevin Ryan owns and runs Denny’s Steak Pub, a family-owned bar at 106 Beverley Road on the corner of McDonald Avenue in Kensington. Ryan’s dad, Dennis, opened the bar in 1975 and it’s been a neighborhood staple ever since.

How long have you been running Denny’s?

My dad passed away in 1989 and I’ve been running it since then. It’s a neighborhood bar  -- it’s been here a long time. It used to be a full steakhouse back in the day. I switched it to just a bar when I started running it. I had another job and it was a lot.

What’s it like growing up in this area?

I grew up up the block. It’s a real family neighborhood. Like most of Brooklyn neighborhoods, it’s changed a lot. It used to be a real working class neighborhood.

What’s the most interesting aspect of owning your bar?

All the different people you run into, all the different personalities. It’s a mix of a lot of different people from all over the place, so it’s interesting. I’m not doing the same thing all the time.

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