This NYC parking space probably costs more than your apartment

In case New York City real estate wasn’t daunting enough already, a TriBeCa parking space is on the market for about as much as the average listing price of a New York State home.

That being said, if you have a spare $450,000 or hate alternate side parking enough to put your family in debt, 1 York Street’s unit is the listing for you.

In 1 York Street’s defense, this is not your average parking space. It features a futuristic, fully automated parking system, described as follows:

“The resident drives into the garage and onto a turntable. After shutting off the car, you exit. Then the turntable rotates your car on the elevator (so it’s facing out when it’s returned). Metal teeth grab the car underneath the tires, and a trolley then breaks away, moving the car vertically and horizontally to one of the 40 parking spaces. The system remembers where it parks people’s cars based on a key fob used to retrieve it later. The whole process takes no more than a minute, The Park Plus system is capable of allowing residents to call their cars from their residences with a remote-control device or cellphone.”

You may have to live out of your car, but hey, at least you’ll never have to back out of a tight parking space again.

It’s also worth noting that this is not the most expensive parking spot NYC has ever seen. The New York Post reported on the city’s first million-dollar spot back in 2012, making this look like a total steal. As they say, it’s all relative.