Q&A with Dean Poll: Owner of Gallagher’s Steakhouse

Restaurateur Dean Poll recently acquired the famed Midtown steakhouse Gallagher’s, at 228 W. 52nd St., and reopened its doors February of this year with a little more of a modern feel. Poll also owns the Central Park Boathouse.

Why did you want to own Gallagher’s?

It’s the heritage of Gallagher’s — it’s been the preeminent steakhouse in the city for many years. It has a good size, a good heritage, a good location, and I felt that it would be a preferable name and location to resurrect.
How have you seen the biz change since its reopening?

We’re getting New Yorkers in suits, and were getting younger people. It’s a cool looking steakhouse. It reminds people of a steakhouse in the ’60s. It doesn’t look like a lawyer’s office, it’s a cool spot and [has] become more of a local joint.
How does it fit into the Theater District?

I consider Gallagher’s to be very much a part of the Theater District. You have your restaurants like Ruby Foo’s and Carmine’s, but Gallagher’s is a really old New York Theater District restaurant. That’s why I pursued this location; it’s a mainstay of the Theater District. I would like to think that when people come to the theater — ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ — when you go out to the theater, come to Gallagher’s. I think it should be as much as an attraction in the Theater District as the theaters themselves.