The Best Sites To Buy Kratom Supplements


The Best Sites To Buy Kratom Supplements

Getting effective health and wellness supplements doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, when you find the best sites to buy kratom, the entire customer experience can be far more pleasant and less stressful than you might expect.

So how do you know the best sites to buy kratom supplements? What kratom vendors are reliable? Which ones have the best prices and the highest quality products? In this article, we’ll be answering all of those common questions and providing helpful information that will make you an expert on all things kratom.

By learning the essential factors that determine the top kratom vendors, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that helps ensure a high-quality kratom purchase that meets your health and wellness needs without any unnecessary hassles or problems.

The 4 Best Sites to Buy Kratom

  1. Starlight Kratom: Editor’s Choice
  2. Kratom Spot: Runner Up
  3. GoldenMonk: Staff Pick
  4. KatsBotanicals: Honorable Mention

How Did We Choose These 4 Kratom Vendors?

To determine the cream of the kratom brands in the proverbial kratom crop, we looked at a variety of factors that are important to kratom users, including:

  • How it’s made: We combed through extensive lab results and reports, so no matter what kratom strain you’re looking for, you can be sure the site you buy it from offers a product that’s 100% pure and tested to ensure quality, safety, and effectiveness.
  • Customer satisfaction: All the top choices for kratom vendors are well-known for keeping their customers satisfied with their products and services, but which ones go the extra mile to ensure their customers have a highly enjoyable kratom buying experience?
  • Price: Of course, no matter how high quality or effective a product is, you can’t expect to pay too much for it. When it comes to the top kratom vendors, we found that those with the lowest prices not only offer great deals on their products – they also provide a higher quality product than many of their competitors.
  • Compliance with the law: It’s essential to have a kratom vendor you can trust to provide an above-board and high-quality product that complies with all local, state, and federal laws. After testing a wide variety of websites for compliance, we found that some sites were simply better than others at keeping up to date with the latest kratom laws.

Combining those factors with features that all excellent brands share gave us a robust research methodology to select this list of the best sites for kratom.

The Four Best Sites to Buy Kratom

1. Starlight Kratom: Editor’s Choice – Best Overall Product & Shopping Experience


  • Easy to use ordering platform
  • Accepts cryptocurrency payments
  • Lab-tested to ensure quality, purity, and safety
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Free shipping only on orders over $100

Why We Chose Starlight Kratom

Starlight Kratom has established itself as one of the best sites to buy kratom for many reasons, the most important being their dedication to ethically and sustainably sourced high-quality kratom trees. This can be seen through their easy-to-read lab reports that detail the rigorous testing process all of their kratom products are put through before being sold.

Furthermore, Starlite Kratom possesses a streamlined ordering process and a wide variety of high-quality new, rare, and unique kratom strains – some you won’t find anywhere else!

What They Offer

Seasoned kratom users and those new to the world of kratom benefits will find that the products offered at Starlight Kratom match the powerful potency needed to meet their health and wellness needs. Starlight Kratom’s best and most popular kratom products include:

  • Green Vein Kratom – Starlight Kratom’s Green Vein Malay kratom powder is made using dark kratom plant leaves harvested at their most potent maturity level. This makes it one of the best green vein kratoms on the market for providing a balanced effect without being too energizing or sedative.
  • Red Vein Kratom – Starlight Kratom’s Red Vein Bali kratom powder contains one of the highest concentrations of 7-OH mitragynine – so you’ll get the most potent dose of alkaloid extract for your dollar. This is excellent news for kratom users who want to feel the full benefits available from their purchases.
  • White Vein Kratom – Starlight Kratom’s White Maeng Da kratom powder contains up to 6 times more alkaloid extract than most other white vein products – so you get even more value for your dollar.
  • Combination Kratom – The best of the combination products offered by Starlight Kratom is Trainwreck – sold in powder or capsule form. It is a blend of 11 different kratom strains, including Green Malay, White Malay, Maeng Da, and Red Bali kratom. Combining these types of kratom strains offers all the benefits of each vein type to create one super blend guaranteed to give you the health and wellness results you’re looking for with kratom.

Additional Benefits

Every purchase from Starlight Kratom also nets customers with VIP points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. When you’re in the market to buy kratom online, make sure you consider Starlight Kratom as your #1 choice.

Learn more at StarlightKratom.com

2. Kratom Spot: Runner Up


  • Offers a wide variety of kratom strains and products
  • Option to exchange products within 30 days
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Excellent wholesale discounts


  • No cryptocurrency payments accepted

Why We Chose Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot stands out amongst kratom brands as a reputable online retailer with the widest selection of kratom products. Additionally, their many products and wholesale pricing options make them an excellent and affordable option for kratom users of all kinds.

What They Offer

The selection of products at Kratom Spot is impressive, offering more than 25 kratom products, including:

  • Loose Leaf Kratom: Raw kratom leaves sold by Kratom Spot are available in 3 Maeng Da varieties – White, Green, and Red. It is one of the few websites that sell premium quality kratom leaves for making your own potent kratom teas.
  • Kratom Capsules: The varieties of kratom capsules offered by Kratom Spot include Borneo Green Horn, Gold Reserve and Red Bali kratom. Capsules are a convenient way to get the health benefits of kratom since they’re easy to take on the go – just swallow with water.
  • Kratom Powder: The varieties of kratom powders offered by Kratom Spot include Maeng Da, Green Malay, Sumatra White Vein, Red Borneo and Green Bali kratom. Kratom Spot’s powders come in sizes ranging from 8oz to 1lb and are made from plants harvested using Fair Trade practices.
  • Kratom Shots: Kratom shots are an exciting way to get the benefits of kratom in a 60ml bottle flavoured in a variety of options, including Chocolate Mint and Orange Cream. These premixed kratom solutions are the perfect way to top off your kratom dose throughout the day or take the whole thing at once for a supercharged kratom experience. However you choose to use kratom shots, it is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to use kratom on the go.

Additional Benefits

Not only does Kratom Spot offer one of the largest and most varied selections of kratom products, but they also offer free shipping on all orders over $50. Plus, they have a 30-day product exchange policy, so if you’re not completely satisfied with your order from Kratom Spot, they’ll work with you to replace or refund the item in question.

Learn more at KratomSpot.com

3. GoldenMonk: Staff Pick


  • Accepts requests for free samples
  • Best price for bulk orders (one or more kilos)
  • Highly responsive customer support team
  • Same-day shipping available


  • No online chat support

Why We Chose Golden Monk

With over 15 different kratom strains to choose from and the ability to order split kilos for the same price as one individual kilo, Golden Monk is the perfect site to purchase high-quality kratom powders at affordable bulk pricing.

What They Offer

Golden Monk’s variety of kratom strains is notable. Providing kratom powders for every vein color and region of the world, Golden Monk offers an excellent option for kratom users who don’t want to sacrifice quantity for quality. Some of their most popular kratom strains for bulk purchases include:

  • Maeng Da – Kratom users looking to save money on Maeng Da kratom powder will be thrilled to get Golden Monk’s high-quality Maeng Da kratom in green, red or even white vein.
  • Red Bali – If you’re looking for a sedative effect, check out Red Bali kratom from Golden Monk. It offers some of the best relaxation properties on the market without being overly potent or sedative.
  • Green Malay – Green Malay is known for its intense mood-boosting effects and offers an excellent energy boost without the jitters. Golden Monk’s Green Malay kratom strain is pure, with no adulterants or fillers used in its capsules, making this one of the most effective varieties available on the market.
  • Sumatra White Vein – Sumatra White Vein kratom offers some of the best wellness-enhancing effects on the market. This strain provides a great energy boost, but you won’t experience any of the jitters and anxiety that can come with many other types. It also provides excellent stress relief and mood enhancement.

Additional Benefits

In addition to having a great price point on kilo kratom purchases, first-time buyers can also take advantage of special discount codes available on their website and newsletter to save a minimum of 5% on their first order.

Learn more at GoldenMonkKratom.com

4. KatsBotanicals: Honorable Mention


  • Excellent informational kratom resources
  • Great for beginners who aren’t sure what they want or need
  • Specially formulated blends for intensified effects
  • Excellent loyalty & rewards program


  • Slightly higher prices than some other options on this list

Why We Chose Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals is one of the most popular kratom suppliers on the internet. They offer a wide range of products organized by kratom strain. Kats Botanicals also provides a range of specially formulated kratom blends that promote amplified wellness effects to meet specific health needs.

What They Offer

Kats Botanicals is one of the best purveyors of high-quality kratom powders, including red, green, white, and even yellow kratom. But the jewels of their product line are the specialty blends that Kats Botanicals formulates. These premium blends include:

  • The Wedge – The Wedge is a blend of red vein Bali, green vein Thai and white vein Sumatra kratom. It’s a full-spectrum kratom blend designed to be highly stimulating while still being relaxing and calming at the same time.
  • Spacebird – Spacebird is a blend of red, green and white vein kratom made with an intense energy blend balanced with the best relaxation options. It is highly recommended for daytime kratom users.
  • Digital Buddha – Digital Buddha is a unique blend of primarily white vein kratom. It is designed to offer an optimistically euphoric experience that enhances overall wellbeing.
  • Super Thai – This Thai kratom blend is the perfect solution for kratom users seeking a balanced kratom experience. Its effects are more inspiring than sedative, making it the ideal all-day solution for those that want to use something that will give them energy without draining their body or mind.
  • Above the Waves – This is one of Kats Botanical’s most popular blends. It’s balanced with green, red and white vein kratom for a well-rounded experience that offers the best of both worlds — relaxation and clarity.

Additional Benefits

In addition to having some of the best options for kratom blends, Kats Botanicals also has excellent informational guides and tutorials on their site. This includes detailed information about how high-quality kratom is cultivated and produced, the types of effects users can expect from different varieties, and suggestions for using it in conjunction with other substances like coffee or alcohol. These resources make Kats Botanicals one of the most knowledgeable retailers on the internet when it comes to incorporating kratom into a routine health and wellness regimen.

Learn more at KatsBotanicals.com

What is Kratom?

For centuries, Southeast Asian countries have harvested and processed kratom from Mitragyna speciosa, a tree native to the region. The kratom leaves are chewed or dried and pulverized into a powder, then added to tea or other beverages for consumption.

All kratom, however, is not made the same. Various species of the kratom tree provide different types of experiences and health benefits, depending on how they are processed, the type of strain, and the ratios of alkaloids in the leaves.

What are the Effects of Using Kratom?

Kratom leaves contain more than 40 different phytochemicals, including many indole alkaloids such as mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Although kratom and opioids are different, these natural chemicals in kratom act together with opioid receptors in the brain to relieve pain, even chronic pain, and stimulate the mind, creating a sense of clarity and mild euphoria in those who consume it. In addition to pain relief, it can also reduce anxiety and nervousness while acting as an antidepressant.

Most kratom users describe the effects as stimulating or sedating, based on the kratom strain and the amount consumed. Stimulant-like effects are more common with white vein kratom, while sedative effects are more pronounced with red vein kratom. According to some users, kratom can make them feel sociable, talkative, and friendly. Meanwhile, others report feelings of euphoria that last upwards of six hours.

The effects that a kratom user will experience will depend on the dosage they take, the vein color, and any additional compounds added to a blend of kratom strains to enhance its alkaloid profile or effects.

What is the Ideal Kratom Dosage for a Person?

Due to the wide range of alkaloid content in different kratom strains, the dosage is highly variable and affects each individual differently depending on the strain used. An average dose for most users is approximately 1-5 grams of kratom per dose, although kratom dosages can range from as low as 0.5 grams and go up to 15 grams or more in some cases. 

People new to kratom should never take a higher dosage than 3-4 grams for their first time using it so that they can gauge their reaction before taking more in future doses. 

Because different kratom strains vary in the alkaloid content responsible for its mental and physical effects, dosing may need to change depending on which type of vein color you are taking. For example, you may require a smaller dosage of a red vein strain of kratom than you would a green or white vein kratom.

What are Kratom Strains?

When kratom users want a specific health and wellness benefit, they must look for a particular strain to get the effects that will assist their wellness needs. Kratom strains are organized by the color visible on the stalks and veins of the kratom tree leaves.

  • Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is harvested from the mature kratom plant that has red stalks and veins. This kratom strain is known to produce sedating, pleasant, and relaxing effects that are ideal for those looking for pain relief, having trouble sleeping, or just looking for a powerful anti-anxiety supplement. Red vein kratom is the most mature phase of the kratom tree and, therefore, will have the most alkaloids of any vein type.

  • White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is harvested from the young kratom tree when it has white stalks and veins. The compounds in this strain interact with the brain’s opioid receptors to provide a considerable mood boost, feelings of euphoria, motivation, focus or productivity levels, effective stress relief, enhanced energy levels, increased feelings of wellness, and pain relief. Typically, white vein kratom contains the least amount of alkaloids when compared to other vein types.

  • Green Vein Kratom

Due to the effects that green vein kratom provides, many users describe it as having a more balanced effect than other kratom strains. Green vein kratom is harvested from a maturing kratom tree with green leaves and stalks. This strain can provide benefits best for those that have issues with social anxiety, depression, and feelings of stress. Green vein kratom tends to be the most popular for kratom users since it’s got a balanced alkaloid profile that is ideal for daytime and nighttime use.

  • Yellow Vein Kratom

Yellow vein kratom isn’t an actual color of the vein but rather the color of dried kratom leaves. Yellow vein kratom possesses a combination of effects from both white and green veins. Some users even find that it produces a unique experience different from the other vein colors. This strain can best benefit those who suffer from pain and mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

But, the differences don’t just stop at kratom vein colors. In fact, kratom effects vary based on the location that it is grown. 

  • Indo Kratom

Indo kratom is harvested from trees primarily cultivated in the Indonesian archipelago. Indo kratom typically contains a mix of white and red vein types known for their abundance of stimulant-like alkaloids.

  • Borneo Kratom

Borneo kratom is harvested mainly from trees cultivated in the Malaysian region of Borneo. Borneo kratom tends to have a large concentration of white vein properties ideal for those seeking an energized or uplifting effect.

  • Thai Kratom

Thai kratom is harvested from trees that are native to Thailand. Thai kratom typically contains an abundance of both white and green veins that are perfect for those new to the world of kratom.

  • Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da kratom is harvested from mature kratom trees that are found primarily in Thailand. Maeng Da literally means “pimp grade” in Thai. Therefore, Maeng Da kratom contains many stimulating alkaloids and interacts with opioid receptors in the brain to provide users with an abundance of energy and focus while simultaneously feeling relaxed and pain-free. Maeng Da kratom in any vein color is considered the most potent and effective type of kratom strains.

How Do I Know If I Am Getting One Of The Best Kratom Strains?

The quality of kratom is just as important as choosing the best kratom strains to suit your wellness needs. The best options for kratom on the market is sourced sustainably and goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure that it’s organic kratom that is free of harmful contaminants.

Like other health and wellness supplements on the market, kratom also has reputable member associations that kratom vendors should be part of. These associations set the standards for quality control, testing, labeling, and packaging. Therefore, it is best to purchase from a seller that is a member of these associations to ensure that you’re getting organic kratom, free of contaminants, pesticides, added fillers, and other synthetic chemicals or binders.

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is the most well-known member association that has set kratom quality control, testing, labeling, and packaging standards. Whether it’s white, red or green vein, Thai, Bali or Maeng Da kratom, the AKA ensures that only the highest quality sources are used and their products are safe for consumption. This logo can be found on the websites of reputable kratom vendors and signifies that you are getting a product free of harmful contaminants.

How is Kratom Consumed?

Consuming kratom is pretty easy and can be done in various ways that suit the user’s preferences. Kratom mainly comes in a dried powder form that is ideal for mixing into food items or beverages. Methods of consuming kratom other than kratom powder include:

  • Kratom capsules: Kratom capsules are readily available on the market and are ideal for those who need to measure their dosage more accurately.
  • Kratom tea: Kratom tea is very simple to make. The most effective way to make it is by simmering kratom powder or raw kratom leaves in boiling water until the liquid gets dark, usually around 5-10 minutes.
  • Kratom tinctures: Kratom tinctures are liquid extracts that can be used similarly to kratom tea. A few drops of the liquid under your tongue, and you will feel its effects within five minutes.

Does Using Kratom for Pain Relief or Other Purposes Have Any Side Effects?

Kratom is known for providing various benefits to its users, but, as with any product on the market, it doesn’t come without some side effects. Kratom side effects will largely depend on your body’s reaction to the phytochemical content of a particular kratom vein color or the amount of kratom you have ingested. 

Some of the more common side effects experienced by kratom users include:

  • dry mouth
  • constipation
  • loss of appetite
  • drowsiness/malaise
  • nausea or vomiting

Kratom is not known to be an allergenic substance, but some people do experience allergic reactions to kratom that are typically characterized by skin rashes and itching. These allergic reactions are rare and typically only occur in sensitive individuals who have an allergy to certain plant species that contain similar alkaloid profiles.

Kratom is not known to cause addiction or dependency, but it is easy for kratom users to develop a tolerance, leading to needing more of it than usual to achieve the same pain relief or other effects that the user is seeking. Taking a break from kratom use can mitigate kratom tolerance and reset the levels in your system.

Why is Kratom Illegal in Some Countries?

Certain countries have banned or restricted the use of kratom, almost all of which have either not yet studied the substance or have other, unseen reasons for seeing it banned. In addition, many countries that currently ban kratom do not fully understand why people use this herb for recreational and medicinal purposes, often conflating its regular consumption with abused drugs.

The banning of kratom has created an underground market where people buy and sell kratom products without any safety standards or regulations regarding their production.

Is Kratom Legal in My Country?

Some countries understand that kratom use is not a risk to the public, just like cannabis use is not a public health risk. But, unfortunately, regulations are regularly changed and differ widely from country to country. For example, in the USA, kratom use is legal in most states, save for six. Additionally, in states where kratom use is legal, the sale or purchase of kratom may be banned in particular cities, as is the case with San Francisco.

In Europe, the legality of kratom varies by country. Most countries do not have kratom, or its associated alkaloids, on their list of controlled substances, but a handful of countries like Latvia and Denmark do.

In the UK, kratom is legal as it does not contain any controlled substances. However, in other commonwealth countries such as Australia and New Zealand, kratom is banned unless you have a medical prescription from a doctor to purchase and consume it.

Hopefully, as more research is done on kratom and its phytochemicals, more countries will understand that this herb is not only safe to consume but it has a wide range of potential medical benefits such as pain relief, even for chronic pain, and improved mood.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I smoke kratom?

While almost any plant leaf can be smoked (tobacco, cannabis, etc.) for medical benefits, it is likely not worth the physical cost to smoke kratom in large quantities due to its high alkaloid content. Additionally, smoking kratom is considered to be less effective than ingesting it as a powder, capsule, tea, or tincture.

2. What foods can I put kratom powder into?

Widely used in smoothies and juices, kratom powder can also be included in various food recipes, including but not limited to no-cook breakfast oats, chocolate chip cookies, and even marinara sauces.

3. How is kratom shipped?

When purchasing from reputable online kratom vendors, kratom is shipped in airtight sealable bags resistant to water damage. These bags offer kratom consumers a high level of privacy and discretion when purchasing their favorite kratom supplements.

4. How should I store kratom?

When you receive your order, store it in a cool dark place to protect the alkaloids from breaking down due to light and heat exposure.

5. Can I buy kratom locally?

You can buy kratom in many health food stores or smoke shops that sell alternative medicine products. The sale or purchase of kratom products in retail stores will depend on the legality of kratom in your region. 

Additionally, consumers wishing to use kratom purchased from physical retailers should look for the same GMP standards the American Kratom Association suggests to ensure that their kratom purchase comes from a reputable source.

Get All-Natural Health and Wellness Benefits from Kratom

Kratom has a wide range of all-natural benefits for both body and mind. Thanks to the modern advancements and regulations related to safely extracting beneficial alkaloids from kratom leaves, you too can now enhance your wellbeing and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Whether it’s relieving chronic pain, anxiety management, mood enhancement, or more energy for your daily life, kratom products made and sold by quality kratom brands are an excellent natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that often come with harmful side effects. Ensure you have the health and wellness benefits you need to keep your body and mind strong by purchasing kratom supplements from any of the four best sites to buy kratom mentioned above.