Derek Jeter’s publishing company announces first three books

A chronicle of the Yankee captain’s final season is in the works.

While baseball fans cling to every moment of Derek Jeter’s final season in pinstripes, bookworms are looking forward to his next venture with Jeter Publishing.

And while the New York Yankees captain is far from taking his last swing at the plate, his company is already announcing the first three titles it plans to publish.

“My goal in creating Jeter Publishing is to work with inspiring people from all walks of life to develop a wide ranging catalog of interesting books,” Jeter said in a release. “I also want to create a collection of children’s books that teach children fundamental life lessons.”

Here’s what’s on deck.

“The Contract” by Derek Jeter with Paul Mantell

The first book in a planned series for kids ages 8 to 12 features a motivated young boy who, like Jeter, sets his sights on a big dream and makes it a reality through “hard work, teamwork and determination.”

Publication date: Sept. 23

Chronicle of Jeter’s last season

A title has not yet been announced (perhaps because the story is not yet finished) for a chronicle of Jeter’s final season, to be told primarily through photographs taken by Chris Anderson.

Publication date: Fall 2014

“The Ed Lucas Story”

After going blind at just 12 years old, Ed Lucas went on to study broadcasting and become the first person without his sight to cover baseball in such a capacity. His story is also in development to be told in film form.

Publication date: Spring 2015

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