FanDuel Maryland promo code: get ready for launch with $100 early sign up offer

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fanduel maryland promo code

We should see sports betting in Maryland by Thanksgiving, so time is limited to get the FanDuel Maryland promo code for a special pre-launch incentive.




Interested parties pre-registering at FD Sportsbook through this page will lock up $100 of free bets for MD’s launch day. By clicking any of this page’s links, you automatically engage the FanDuel Maryland promo code that reserves that bonus money.

The most sensible path for folks from Maryland is to claim this FanDuel promotion today. The state is preparing to launch its online sports betting platform on an undetermined date in the next few weeks. Therefore, it is bound to happen that FD Sportsbook gets rid of this pre-registration bonus altogether soon. In turn, the opportunity to claim this bonus AND a new user bonus would disappear, as well. After all, FanDuel consider this promotion separate from new user offers, which allows you to enjoy both.

To install the necessary FanDuel Maryland promo code that secures $100 in free bets for pre-registering, click here.

FanDuel Maryland promo code: $100 free bets available right now

For anyone residing in Maryland, now is the absolute perfect time to join FanDuel Sportsbook. The window is shrinking, however, to claim this page’s pre-registration bonus, as the state’s online sports betting launch grows closer. By clicking any link on this page, residents directly employ the FanDuel Maryland promo code needed to claim the bonus.

By pre-registering through our links, MD residents ensure that $100 in free bets will await them on launch day. When they login to their new FD Sportsbook account that day, FanDuel loads the account with the $100 bonus. Those free bets have no restrictions regarding wager types or sporting markets.

Certainly, $100 in free bets just for creating an account is a no-brainer. However, this deal becomes even more alluring when you consider another fact. FanDuel Sportsbook classified this as a pre-registration bonus. Therefore, people claiming this bonus can also claim a new user bonus like FanDuel’s risk-free $1,000 first wager.

How to apply for FanDuel Maryland promo code

FanDuel Sportsbook trimmed away a lot of the fat that surrounds most sportsbooks’ sign-up bonuses. Instead, MD residents get a stripped down version that is much more user-friendly. Thus, by following these guidelines, you should have your $100 bonus locked up in a matter of minutes:

Firstly, click here or on any link on the page to automatically apply our FanDuel Maryland promo code. That code, as a result, sets up your pre-registration and reserves your $100 worth of free bets.
Secondly, complete the registration of your first-time FD Sportsbook account by inputting all required data fields. To clarify, FanDuel needs your full name, home address, date of birth, etc. to verify your eligibility.
Next, all you have to do is wait. When Maryland’s launch day arrives, simply log into your account to find $100 in free bets waiting.
Finally, put your free bets to use with any wager types in any sports.
World Cup Groups E-H Highlight Match Odds Available at FD Sportsbook

If everything goes to plan, Maryland will go live with online sports betting in late November or early December. A launch on the earlier end of that range would line up nicely with soccer’s World Cup. This quadrennial event begins in Qatar on November 20 and extends through the final on December 18. Any matches played after MD’s launch will be available for the state’s residents to wager upon. Moreover, those capitalizing on the $100 bonus promised by our FanDuel Maryland promo code, can even use that money to place those wagers.

World Cup betting schedule

The tournament begins in its Group Stage, which sees each country play three matches against the other teams in its assigned group. Two teams advance from each goup to the Knockout Stage. The Group Rounds run from November 20 through December 2.

We share the most anticipated match from Groups E-H below to clarify the types of matchups you can expect to find early in the tournament:

Group E – Spain (+150) vs. Germany (+175) – 11a ET, Sun. 11/27.
Group F – Belgium (+115) vs. Croatia (+250) – 2p ET, Wed. 11/30.
Group G – Brazil (-210) vs. Switzerland (+550) – 8a ET, Mon. 11/28.
Group H – Portugal (+110) vs. Uruguay (+260) – 11a ET, Mon. 11/28.

To install the necessary FanDuel Maryland promo code that secures $100 in free bets for pre-registering, click here.