Giants trade for Isaiah Simmons looks even better compared to Cowboys’ deal for Trey Lance

Giants general manager Joe Schoen talks at the end of season press conference
Giants general manager Joe Schoen talks at the end of season press conference

It’s been a terrific offseason for New York Giants’ general manager Joe Schoen and Friday night was just a further example. 

Just 24 hours after the team acquired former first-round defensive back Isaiah Simmons for a seventh-round draft pick, the Giants saw one of their arch-rivals give even more capital up for a player they most likely will not see during the 2023 season. 

The Dallas Cowboys gave up a fourth-round draft selection to San Francisco for former third-overall pick Trey Lance. Lance has had a roller-coaster start to his NFL career. He’s played in only eight games while dealing with injuries throughout his first two seasons. The Cowboys already have Dak Prescott under contract as the team’s franchise quarterback and Cooper Rush as his immediate backup.

Essentially, Dallas gave up a fourth-round pick for a third-string project quarterback.

It further emphasizes the understanding Joe Schoen and the Giants front office have when it comes to value for former first-round picks. Most teams across the NFL always try to trade late-round selections for former first-round picks to try and get the most out of the untapped potential former top picks possess. In that essence, what the Cowboys did is just seen as common practice across the league. 

But Lance has two years left on his rookie contract. Prescott, who is only 30 years old, has two years left of his contract with an opt-out after the 2023 season. If the Cowboys think they can get the most out of Lance, how will they be able to determine that when he’s behind Rush on the depth chart? Would the Cowboys seriously move on from Prescott to roll the dice with Lance? 

All of these questions didn’t need to be asked a day ago. Dallas’ request to take a flier on a young third-string quarterback though now opens the door to questions and comments at every turn. If Prescott were to struggle early, would a quarterback controversy follow? 

The Giants do not have to deal with those kinds of questions now. Simmons, while considered a draft bust for his original team like Lance, is in a defensive system that fits his overall skill set. With Wink Martindale at the helm, Big Blue can utilize Simmons’ defensive flexibility to help the 2023 roster immediately. 

It’s a far cry from what the Cowboys are getting with Lance. And one of those players cost a fourth, while the other cost a measly seventh-rounder. 

Quarterbacks may be the most important position in football, but contending teams should always try to make moves to help the current roster. One team in the NFC East did while the other chose not to. 

And for Joe Schoen, his strong second offseason with the Giants has continued to be impressive. 

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