Jets star safety Jamal Adams requests trade

Jamal Adams
Jamal Adams. (Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

The Jamal Adams era in the Meadowlands is only getting more turbulent.

Per multiple reports, the New York Jets’ star safety has requested permission to seek a trade as his relationship with the organization seemingly continues to deteriorate. 

The trouble stems from non-existent contract negotiations as the 24-year-old continues his campaign for a new deal.

Adams is up for a new contract having completed three NFL seasons, but the Jets have control over him for the following two years and their lack of haste to hash out new terms continues to grate on the All-Pro. 

He — along with reports — implied that the Jets alerted him in January that they would initiate negotiations after the NFL Draft in late-April. However, the coronavirus pandemic obviously altered those plans both logistically and financially.

In an Instagram comment replying to a fan pertaining to those negotiations, Adams sounded off: 

“I see what this is. I deserve to be paid but when I ask to be taking care of I’m ‘BEING THAT GUY’ huh? What does Pat [Mahomes] have to do with me? Pat is about to get 40 to 60 M’s a year. Well deserved. That’s my guy. But don’t compare me to QB’s if you aren’t paying me QB money. S—, if I want to get about 40 plus u wouldn’t hear a damn word from me. LOL fr fr. Don’t use the pandemic excuse. CM22 [Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey] got paid not too long ago. Well deserved. Great friend of mine. You’re lost my guy. Ima protect myself just like an organization will look out for themselves at the end of the day. & if you guys don’t respect that, cool. It’s all luv. Maybe it’s time to move on!”

Just hours after the outburst, reports surfaced of Adams’ trade request. 

Trade talks have hovered around Adam’s head for months now, most famously just before the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline in late-October where talks were held with the Dallas Cowboys — a team Adams has already made it known that he would like to join. 

Per Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, there is a list of teams in which Adams would want to be traded to where an immediate contract extension would not be necessary. 

ESPN’s Adam Schefter added that Adams would “welcome a trade” to the Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks.

The Jets have reportedly not given Adams’ agent permission to speak with other teams. 

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