For one weekend, the Big Apple will get a taste of the City of Lights.

Brookfield Place in Battery Park City will become New York City’s hub for the French Open finals from Friday though Sunday as “Roland-Garros in the City,” hosted by the tournament, will bring the excitement and fanfare of one of tennis’ biggest tournaments to New Yorkers.

“In the U.S., tennis is quite popular in some regions, but red clay is not so popular because you play on green clay in the U.S., historically speaking,” said Sam Primaut, the director of the Fédération Française de Tennis, France’s tennis governing body. “One of the objectives is to bring the red clay there and what we will do in New York City would be more to bring the Roland- Garros experience itself — not only tennis, but what people can have in mind when they think about Roland-Garros.”

Brookfield Place has been showing the matches throughout the week in advance to this weekend’s event. Two French food trucks have been cruising around the city to promote the event’s cuisine as well.

Beginning Friday, the event will televise the men’s semifinals, with the women’s and men’s finals on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. There will be a full, red clay court, an art gallery and an interactive replica of the Bridge of Locks as well.