‘Mob Rule,’ a free comedy show in Queens, combines stand-up with audience interaction

“Mob Rule” encourages audience members to be on their best heckling behavior.

Who says all hecklers are bad?

Monthly comedy show “Mob Rule” is looking to go beyond the typical stand-up comedy night with a new level of audience participation – one that requires a bit more than laughing.

Teresa Sheffield is co-producer and co-host, with Gregory W. Hall, of “Mob Rule,” which is set to have its first performance on Thursday at 10 p.m. at Long Island City’s The Creek & The Cave. The local comedian wants to take the concept of heckling and spin it into a stand-up night of water balloons, DJ music and, of course, lots of laughs.

“Everyone is part of the show, whether you’re on the stage or not,” Sheffield said.

The idea behind “Mob Rule” is simple: Performers will take the stage to perform jokes on a monthly theme — March’s is St. Patrick’s Day. Audience members are then encouraged to be on their best heckling behavior, and throw everything from flowers to candy (sorry, no rotten tomatoes) on the stage. Why heckling? “Everyone thinks about throwing things. It’s a trope in comedy,” Sheffield explained.

But, she added, the throwing is all in good fun.

“It’s all done in a good-natured way — water balloons, flowers, you name it, they can throw it,” she said.

The audience’s favorite comedian will pocket a $50 prize, and the best heckler — voted on by the comedians — will win what Sheffield promises to be a pretty great giveaway.

Besides the comedy, “Mob Rule” will also feature a DJ set to pump up the crowd before the talent takes the stage. At the March 2 show, Philadelphia rapper Laa’Soul performed.

Couldn’t make it to the March show? Fear not; “Mob Rule” will be a monthly feature at The Creek and The Cave, a venue that welcomes young talent as well as funny people who have made appearances on Comedy Central, Adult Swim and more.

The Creek and the Cave is located at 10-93 Jackson Ave. in Long Island City, Queens. For more information, and to reserve your spot, visit eventbrite.com

Dana Reszutek