Preview the new No. 7 train station at West 34th Street and 11th Avenue

The official opening of the No. 7 train extension to a new station at West 34th Street and 11th Avenue will be pushed back again, to as early as July instead of by the spring.

The mosaic art work has been laid, the sleek, curved station agent booth is installed and escalators are in place. Yet crews still need to test critical pieces of the station: ventilation fan plants, fire alarms, the elevator and escalators, third rail power, and CCTV and public-address systems, MTA’s Anthony D’Amico told an MTA board committee Monday.

“I cannot emphasize enough the complexity of testing these components, some of which are being introduced to MTA’s communication systems for the very first time,” he said.

Another part of the project requiring a developer to drill near a site with a ventilation tower, could cause another delay.

“If they run into some complications while drilling, it could affect our schedule,” D’Amico said.