Ask the MTA | Access-a-Ride app woes and reduced-priced MetroCards

Access-A-Ride is at the center of two new reports recommending changes for the agency. Above, an Access-A-Ride bus drops off patients at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Phillips Ambulatory Care Center on Union Square East in Manhattan on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016.
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Q: My Access-A-Ride app has not been accepting my info since Friday, April 1, 2022. It does not recognize my passenger number, email address or password. I have tried to sign in directly from my browser as well as deleting and then downloading the app as well. I first reported it on Friday and then again on Monday, April 4, to the AAR comment line. I have written a letter (which takes up to two weeks for a reply) and sent an email to the Beta Google Play comment line. My question is why aren’t we notified when the MTA app isn’t working? We aren’t notified about a lot of things but let’s start with this.  — Kathie Lou Moser

A: We’re sorry that you’ve been having trouble with the app. Periodically, most Access-A-Ride customers go through an eligibility renewal process once their current status expires. This process for you is currently underway.

Access to the app will be restored once your eligibility is successfully renewed. In the meantime, you can continue to reserve trips over the phone. For any other questions, please contact the Access-A-Ride Eligibility Department at 877-337-2017. Lynda Edmond, Deputy Director of Customer Relations, New York City Transit 

Q: I have been enjoying a reduced-price MetroCard with my picture on it since I’ve become a Senior. Will the new OMNY card also have my picture? — Margaret Gragossian

A: No, the new Reduced Fare OMNY card will not have your photo on it. Instead, your picture will be stored in the database and made available as needed to confirm that the cardholder is the intended user. – Amy Linden, Senior Director of Fare Payment Programs, New York City Transit

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