Leading AI company partners with MTA to implement new bus camera systems

Ask the MTA about Bronx bus changes
A Bx15 bus departs Fordham Plaza in the Bronx.
File Photo by Kevin Duggan

If there’s anything New Yorkers hate it’s not the heatwaves, or the New York City snow, or even the subway rats. It’s when our trains and buses run late, or worse, they don’t show up at all. The city traffic and busy streets can lead to delays that can leave your day feeling rotten. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has heard our frustrations and is doing something about it.

Hayden AI and the MTA will be working together to implement 300 new interior mounted Automated Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) camera systems inside MTA buses.

The cameras will be used to check bus lanes for any parking violations, in real-time the cutting-edge technology will process it in a central server, if a violation is detected the system will capture the license plate of the offending car and issue a citation. For proof a video of the event package will be sent to be processed.

“We are very proud to partner with MTA on this exciting transit bus mobility initiative,” said Hayden AI CEO Chris Carson. “Ensuring that bus lanes are free from illegally parked vehicles means that thousands of riders will experience faster, smoother, and safer transit trips. We appreciate the opportunity to deploy our technology as we help to enhance the ridership experience for all MTA transit bus passengers.”

These new cameras will ensure that bus lanes are not clogged up by illegally parked cars and vehicles. Riders can look forward to faster, smoother and safer trips in the future. Automated cameras are even proven to speed up commutes.

The New York MTA saw a 17% increase in speed after working with a different company that used cameras to enforce bus lane rules.

Hayden AI already began the installation of these cameras in July, the expected time of completion is December 2022. These 300 cameras will be looking out for commuter’s best interest; 200 more camera systems are ready if the MTA chooses to implement more.