Jetpack pilot takes cruise around Statue of Liberty

Forget about roads. The future of transportation may be more like the Jetsons than we could have imagined. 

An aviator took flight around the Statue of Liberty using an FAA-approved jetpack. The entire flight was caught on video that is going viral on social media. 

“The JB-9 is small enough to sit in the back seat of a car but powerful enough to fly thousands of feet high,” claims Jetpack Aviation, which says it has spent a decade building a “light-weight, wearable flying device.” 

After watching the video, you might be thinking of picking up one of these babies at your local jetpack store. But not just yet. The jetpack is still in research and development, with commercialization off in the future. 


But, boy, did the company pull off a high-flying PR stunt with this video.