Video of the Week — They Found WHAT in the Wall??

Alan Chen was in his Midtown apartment after a two-week-long vacation to Italy when he heard scratching noises in the wall. Though he was initially told it was probably just the pipes, Chen’s building manager and super eventually came up and cut a hole in the wall.

What they found was something they didn’t expect – a fluffy little hamster surrounded by dog food in an empty space in the wall. Chen approached his next door neighbor after the discovery, who said that his hamster has been missing for three weeks.

The hamster was one of three (named Tic, Tac and Toe — Toe was in the wall) that was under the neighbor’s care. The assumption is that the hamster had escaped the tank and climbed into a hole in the wall in the room, and every now and then it would return to the apartment and store dog food, taken from a dog bowl that was near the hole, in its mouth and go back into the wall.

Chen documented the experience on social media, and viewers wanted him to keep Toe, but the little guy actually belongs to his neighbor’s brother. Though Toe lives happily next door, Chen would gladly keep him if offered.