Eleven videos that will make you say ‘What IS NY?’ on 4/20

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Photo via Getty Images

On this 20th day of April, you may find yourself looking for some entertainment that doesn’t demand too much of your mental faculties. But, in a city like New York, it certainly already feels like we’re all walking around a little faded most of the time.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Our partner @WhatIsNewYork is a master archiver of the city’s weird, wild, hilarious and downright mind-boggling moments. They’ve curated some of their favorites for your enjoyment. 

Dancing on Subway Entrance: Even NYC gargoyles have drip (submitted by @caenormanha)

Please Give Up Your Seat to Sleepy Werewolves (submitted by anonymous)

Times Square Subway: When Main-Character Energy Meets Montage Moment (submitted by anonymous)

Unicorn: Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Whimsy Patrol (submitted by @not_a_medic)

Broccoli Petting “Walk Into the Club, Like What Up, I Got a Big Stalk” (submitted by @ssik_kiss)

Churro Squirrel: Dream Churro Rotation (submitted by @alexisinbklyn)

Doll Smoking out Car Window: Extremely Chill Baby On Board (submitted by @barbellerina)

Neighbor with Bubbles: In Times of Crisis, Laughter Is the Best Medicine (submitted by @houseofkylights)

Roach with Cig: “I Remember Back When Rent Was $50 and You Could Get a Shoeshine for a Subway Token” (submitted by @femmexfatale)

Upside Down Flute Player – Hey, It’s a Living (submitted by anonymous)

Weird Costume Dancing in Street It’s Never Been Harder to Get a Cab (submitted by @itslittlemystery)

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