What New York Wears — The ‘pasta bag’ that turned heads


New York City designer, Nik Bentel, created ‘The Pasta Bag’ out of his Long Island City studio, and it quickly became his most popular piece to date.

The bag was recently spotted in the NYC subway and submitted to the social media account @WhatNYWears.

“The Pasta Bag came from the idea of taking something generic/mundane, almost boring, and turning it into something novel. By changing an everyday thing ever so slightly, can you make it exciting?” Nik told us.

The bags are trendy, which follows the studio’s goal of launching something and not coming back to it, but these were in such high demand that Bentel had to do another version – making this his third to date. Each bag is handmade and sells for $200.

“The Pasta Bag is currently sold out, but you never know! I’m always planning on selling the next version,” Nik added.

The best way to get your hands on one is by subscribing to his mailing list to notify you when the next one drops! You can follow Nik on Instagram at @NikBentel.