Halloween food, recipes and party ideas

Halloween is not just for kids.

Are you throwing a party this year? To make it extra fun, make some spooky snacks and drinks and don't stop entertaining 'til every guest has either screamed, said "ewwww" or laughed maniacally.

Add dry ice to your punches and cocktails

Make alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests, and add dry ice for a chilling affect. The ice will keep drinks cold while also creating clouds of smoke that will spill, quite hauntingly, over the edge of cups and punch bowls. Get some Halloween punch recipes at Living the Country Life and tips on how to safely use dry ice in cocktails from Betty Crocker.


Channel your inner zombie and make everything look like brains. Jello, casseroles, dips and desserts can all be shaped like a brain - to a delightful and creepy affect. Get a brain jello recipe at and buy your own brain mold at Amazon.

Make a pumpkin ice bucket

Buy an extra pumpkin but don't carve it. Instead, scoop out the inside (save the seeds for roasting!) and use it as an ice bucket. So festive, you guys. Get the recipe at The Stylista.


Make your drinks scary

This variation on jello shots will guarantee your friends drink up (and maybe give blood later?) Just fill each syringe with jello, before it's firmed up, and put in the fridge.

Spice up your ice game

Buy a bunch of plastic spiders and make bug ice! You just might scare someone and at the very least, you'll make your party more fun without a lot of effort.

Gross guests out

Halloween parties are all about grossing people out. Kitty litter cake, anyone? Get the recipe for this filthy dessert at Cafe Mom.

Set up a bobbing for apples station

Whether you use a bucket, a stock pot or your bathtub, bobbing for apples is a game even adults can get behind this time of year. (Especially if you're a few beers deep.) Just fill the tub with water and apples (and any other creepy stuff you can think of) and see what happens.

Top your cakes and casseroles with roaches

What's worse than spying a roach in your apartment? Ask that question of any New Yorker and the answer will likely be "not much." This Halloween, tap into the fears of all your fellow apartment dwellers and put roaches on everything. Get some dates, stuff an almond inside to make a head and attach some soft antennas.

Put a ghost on it

These cookie muffins are topped with spooky ghosts made out of whipped cream. So simple and easy to make, yet so effective too. Get the recipe at Very Best Baking.

Make your snacks spooky

Turn something simple like breadsticks into a spooky snack. Why should decorations be inedible? Get the recipe atLiving Locurto.