Hot chocolate in NYC to try, from Dominique Ansel Bakery, Van Leeuwen, more

Step away from the Swiss Miss mix.

Don’t be basic and order plain old hot chocolate to warm yourself up this winter. Especially not when we've rounded up some of the more unique varieties — from cups bedecked with "blossoming" marshmallows to vegan alternatives with coconut sugar — city bakeries and ice cream shops are selling.

Now that we've had our first big snowfall of the season, we know you'll be seeking these:

Sunday In Brooklyn’s giant marshmallow

This little cup from the popular Brooklyn brunch spot is filled with Valrhona cocoa powder, the suddenly ubiquitous oat milk Oatly (making it dairy-free) and cinnamon. But the centerpiece is a giant, torched, housemade marshmallow. Get it in the restaurant or from the to-go window. $6, 348 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn,

Dominique Ansel Bakery's Blossoming Hot Chocolate

Prime your camera's video setting for this sweet creation. Dominique Ansel's blossoming hot chocolate -- which originally debuted at its Japan location -- features a marshmallow flower held together by a thin chocolate ring. It's placed atop a cup of the bakery's Chef's Hot Chocolate. When the chocolate ring melts, the flower "blooms" and reveals a chocolate bonbon hidden inside. $7; 189 Spring St., 212-219-2773,

Rubyzaar Baked's Liquid S'more-gasburg

Warm up at the foodie market or the Union Square holiday market with this one-of-kind beverage in your hand. Brooklyn-based cookie purveyor Rubyzaar Baked makes a hot chocolate almost as thick as pudding, canopied with a layer of torched marshmallows and garnished with two pieces of graham crackers. $3 for a four-ounce shot size of hot chocolate, $5 with the s'mores topping; $5 for an eight-ounce cup of hot chocolate, and $7 with the s'mores topping; 241 37th St., Brooklyn, and Union Square, Manhattan,


Van Leeuwen's Super Hot Chocolate

The artisanal ice cream truck turned frozen-treat empire is selling a vegan hot chocolate made with the dark stuff (Michel Cluizel 99 percent infini noir chocolate) and organic coconut sugar -- light years beyond any diluted package of Swiss Miss or Nestle powder. Get it topped with vegan coconut whip or classic whipped cream. $4.50, multiple locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan,

Rose and Basil's peppermint hot chocolate

The hot chocolate on tap at this fairy-tale of a café in the East Village borders on magical. The drink itself is prepared with Belgian chocolate. It's topped with house-made whipped cream and marshmallows and sprinkled with a Tinkerbell's touch of edible gold dust. The final ornament is a peppermint stick hanging off the side of your teacup. $5.50 for a 12-ounce cup, $6.50 for a 16-ounce one, 104 E. Seventh St., Manhattan,

Black Tap's 'Hot Cocoa' Crazy Shake

The burger chain that's made its viral mark with ginormous milkshakes is back at it with a new "Crazy Shake" inspired by winter's signature drink. The "hot cocoa" flavor is made with peppermint fudge ice cream and topped with a toasted marshmallow, whipped cream, crushed peppermint and chocolate drizzle. It's available at Black Tap locations for three days, from Dec. 22 to 24. $15, multiple locations,

Snowdays' Classic and Peanut Butter Hot Chocolates

If you're done with frozen treats for the rest of this season, this Taiwanese shaved ice cream parlor will warm you right up with four kinds of hot chocolate. There's the classic variety (pictured), capped with a floating bed of marshmallows and drizzled with chocolate. There's one made with matcha, another with a house-made peanut butter sauce and a third vegan option prepared with almond milk. $4.50, locations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn,

Du's Donuts' Hot Chocolate Mix

Try a warm cup of cocoa prepared with Wylie Dufresne's new hot chocolate mix at the original Williamsburg location of his fancy doughnut and coffee spot, or buy a bag as a holiday gift. The chef's caramel malted hot chocolate blend is a cross between Whoppers and Milk Duds, one you can drink. $16 a bag, 107 N. 12th St., Brooklyn,