Kellogg's NYC Café offers new cereal 'creations,' hammocks in new Union Square space

Kellogg's NYC Café, previously a pop-up in Times Square, returns to Manhattan in a permanent location in Union Square.

The Kellogg's NYC Café might have a new space, but it's bringing back some old cereal bowls, including Life in Color, a mix of Froot Loops, passion fruit-lime jam and mini marshmallows.

The new Kellogg's NYC Café is located at 31 E.17th St.

The café has a DIY cereal bar, where you start by choosing the cereal base for your bowl.


The cereal bar will offer more than 30 different ingredients as toppings, including candied orange peel, matcha powder and date molasses tahini.

Designer and TV personality Lauren Conrad, a partner with Kellogg's in the café's opening, created a few of the speciality cereal bowls.

The Apple Pie bowl comes with cinnamon-roasted apples, salted caramel, sea salt, brown sugar, cinnamon and Pop Tart-crumble.

The café is also offering an off-menu creation called Make Me Blush, which features Rice Krispies, strawberries and gummy bears.

The café's specialty drinks include a Froot Loops white hot chocolate.

The open-plan seating area at the café resembles a living room.