Here’s where NYC residents can pick up good deals on canvas tote bags when the plastic ban starts

As the state of New York puts the bag on plastic, canvas tote bags seem to be the most reasonable alternative for shoppers in the Empire State.

While most canvas bags seen on the streets and in the stores of the city are status and designer made, there are cost efficient alternatives floating around in the city as well.


Brooklyn Public Library on 2/27

Prior to Friday’s pandemonium when the bag ban goes into full fledged effect, the Department of Sanitation and Brooklyn’s community board 7 will be holding a reusable bag giveaway at the Sunset Park branch of the Brooklyn Public library on Thursday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. while supplies last.
BYOB: Make your own tote bag at Arlo SoHo on 3/3
This SoHo hotel will be opening a “DIY Room” (do it yourself) from 5:30-7 p.m. with local artists, custom embroidery patches, drinks and more, so you can customize your reusable bag to keep for the long haul. 
Arlo tote bag.
(Courtesy of Arlo)

Online deals

Let’s face it, shopping online guarantees you a better deal inmost cases — including bag shopping.

As far as buying in bulk goes, Tote Bag Factory has deals starting for cheaper than a dollar while Tan’s Club and 4imprint offer similar deals for stocking up. 


If style with a low price is what you’re eying, NYC Web Store has plenty of city centric bag prints that sell at a reasonable rate.

Another creative option for bags is checking out options on Etsy.

This vintage online market place pairs style with discounted prices and is the ideal combination of a good deal with a product that makes you look pretty bag savvy on the streets of New York.

So even if you are a regular shopper, don’t fret too much about having to search for alternatives around the city and the internet, there’s a whole bag of options to choose from.

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