Spiked People’s Pops are now (semi-secretly) available

They’re like frozen cocktails on a stick!

If you’re looking for a cooler way to get your whiskey fix, look no further than your freezer.

New York’s People’s Pops has teamed up with Alabama’s Clyde May’s whiskey to create three limited edition whiskey-spiked pops especially for Mother’s Day.

The new frozen boozy treats come in flavors including the ‘Alabama Mule’ made with blackberry rhubarb and ginger and a ‘New Old Fashioned’ flavored with plum hibiscus and bitters.

They’re like frozen cocktails on a stick!

Spiked People’s Pops probably aren’t going to give you much of a buzz– there’s about 1/7th of a shot per pop– but they’re packed with tasty fruits and a distinct tartness that definitely makes the icy sweets feel a bit more grown-up.

You legally have to be at least 21 years old to enjoy them, but we’re not sure how open container laws apply to desserts…

Whiskey pops are available through Sunday, May 10 via custom order, by emailing people@peoplespops.com or calling 347-850-2388.

Melissa Kravitz