Dominique Ansel has made a 100-layer Cinnamon Bun

The Cinnamon Spun Roll is made with brioche and lots of butter.

A cinnamon bun is a beautiful thing. A cinnamon bun that is moist and pulls apart almost like an accordion is even more beautiful. And delicious.

Pastry chef Dominique Ansel is known for his interpretations of classic items, and his mash-ups, of course. The Cinnamon Spun Roll continues that trajectory. 

Available starting Wednesday at the Dominique Ansel Kitchen in the West Village, the roll is made with laminated brioche. Hundreds of pastry layers are folded with cinnamon, sugar and cinnamon butter and the whole thing is baked twice. After the first bake it’s dipped in a custard bath and then baked again and topped with a drizzle of Applejack brandy-spiked frosting. 

“It’s comfy, it’s hot, it’s warm,” Ansel said of his creation. 

‘Tis the season! 

The Cinnamon Spun Roll is available indefinitely, and is already popular. At 9 a.m. on launch day, 50 had already been sold, with only the same number being made at one time. Ansel said the kitchen would make more to keep up with demand.

Georgia Kral