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Eat and Drink

Cool foods: What to eat when it's hot (and what to drink!)

It's hot, we know. But you still need to eat! (And drink!)

Chill out with these eats and libations.

Spicy food

Spicy food will make you sweat. And you
Photo Credit: GEORGIA KRAL

Spicy food will make you sweat. And you might ask, why would I want to sweat if i'm already sweating? Well, sweating helps your body to cool off! And eating is a lot more fun than working out, if you ask us.

The cuisines of Central and South America, India, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean are all places to look for spicy food ideas, as hot peppers play a central role in many of the dishes from those areas. One spicy dish that is one of the best in the city is the spicy cumin lamb hand-ripped noodles from Xian Famous Foods. $8, various locations,

Another place to get delicious, spice-tastic eats is Harold Dieterle's "contemporary" Thai restaurant Kin Shop. The laab salad is a fire-in-your-mouth explosion. $14.

And for something totally different, Peaches Hot House in Bed-Stuy makes Nashville-style fried chicken that's loaded with cayenne. MMMMM. We feel really cool right now.

Icy, boozy slushies

We all love frozen drinks when it's so
Photo Credit: Glady's

We all love frozen drinks when it's so hot outside your hair sticks to the back of your neck and you need to carry a handkerchief to wipe your brow. They just seem to make the memory of all that sticky, nastiness disappear.

At Glady's in Crown Heights, the beverages are especially tasty (and even more so along side a plate of spicy jerk chicken). We like the Dark N Slushie, with Gosling's Black Rum, ginger and lime. $7, 788 Franklin Ave., 212-432-1400,

Icy, boozy slushies can also be found at the hot summertime Fort Greene hang out Habana Outpost. They make slushie mojitos (our fave), margaritas and pina coladas.

Raw foods with high water content

Getting back to basics here, water-filled veggies and
Photo Credit: iStock

Getting back to basics here, water-filled veggies and fruits are the most refreshing thing ever on a hot summer day. This one's pretty obvious. Do we need to say more? Raw foods high in water content include: watermelon, sugar snap peas, cucumbers and pineapple. All of these (except pineapple) are local and in season, so get to the Farmer's Market and pick some up. Fresh=flavor.

If you'd rather eat out, you can get chilled watermelon with lemon verbena, sea salt and cayenne pepper at the delicious fried chicken restaurant Root & Bone. 200 E. Third St, 646-682-7076,


We don't know if there's any actual science
Photo Credit: Natan Dvir

We don't know if there's any actual science behind this, but eating seafood on a hot day just feels so perfect, so right, that there is a cooling factor to it. Again, this might have something to do with setting. Eating freshly shucked oysters on the water, or peel and eat shrimp by the bay, with a cool breeze and a crisp ale or glass of rose, is pretty much perfect. Just trust us on this one, OK? (Note: fried seafood will likely NOT make you feel cooler.)

Best places to eat seafood in NYC:

Brooklyn Crab, 24 Reed St., Red Hook,

Maison Premiere (backyard), 298 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg,

Grand Banks, Pier 25, Hudson River Park,

City Island Lobster House, 691 Bridge St., City Island,

Randazzo’s Clam Bar, 2017 Emmons Ave., Sheepshead Bay, 718-615-0010,

Spiked milkshakes

This one's a double whammy. The icy treat
Photo Credit: Burger Joint

This one's a double whammy. The icy treat that is a milkshake, with booze mixed it? It's a guaranteed chiller. Alcohol may not actually cool your body down, but it helps you deal with annoyances like 90 degree heat.

The Eighth Street location of the classic and delicious Burger Joint serves boozy vanilla milkshakes made to your liking. Popular combinations spike the classic shake with Bailey's, amaretto, Pama (pomegranate liqueur) or pretty much anything off the bar. The alcohol is poured on the bottom with the shake on top and then mixed with a spoon so your sips get boozier as you go. $13, 33 W. Eighth St., 212-432-1400,

Boozy milkshakes are also on the menu at Dutch Boy Burger in Crown Heights and at these fine establishments.

Cold desserts

This is another 'duh' entry. Of course sweet
Photo Credit: Jeremy Bales

This is another 'duh' entry. Of course sweet and cold desserts will cool you off! Why else would so many people eat ice cream all summer long? (It can't be the sugar high alone, can it?)

We love soft serve, from Mister Softee to Momofuku Milk Bar, but if you're looking for the best hard ice cream in the city, check out our definitive list.

And don't forget about all the other cold desserts - from popsicles to shaved ices.

Cold noodles

Cold noodles are the ultimate way to eat
Photo Credit: FLICKR/ chotda

Cold noodles are the ultimate way to eat like it's not a million degrees out, but still eat normal food. It's a miracle.

Our fav dishes include: cold noodles Szechuan style from Cafe China, cold sesame ramen at Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen (with soup of the side for dipping) and the new cold lemon shio ramen from Ivan Ramen. It's all about refreshing this time of year.


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