Own 10% of this Brooklyn restaurant by finishing a 30-pound burrito

Don Chingon will not accept any responsibility for death or illness related to the challenge.

The quickest path to owning a New York City restaurant? Eating.

Contemporary Park Slope Mexican eatery Don Chingon (216 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn) wants to give you a piece of its restaurant. In exchange for your stomach. 

The taquería, which opened in August, has created The Grand Chingon Challenge, offering 10% of restaurant ownership to the first person who consumers a thirty-pound burrito and ghost pepper margarita in just one hour. 

That’s half a pound of burrito to consume each minute!

For comparison, an over-stuffed Chipotle burrito weighs in at about 1.5 pounds.

Don Chingon’s burrito is made with steak, chicken, pork, rice, beans and salsa, wrapped in a hand-press tortilla. 

According to the official rules, “any bathroom breaks or discharge of bodily fluids of any kind will result in forfeit” and “ownership of Don Chingon or any prizes won during the competition are non transferable upon death,” though it’s unclear how long one can live after gorging on a burrito weighing more than two toy poodles or three infants (neither of which we encourage consuming, by the way.)

Don Chingon will not accept any responsibility for death or illness related to the challenge. 

Perhaps more exciting than Brooklyn restaurant ownership, the winner will also be presented with a Don Chingon T-Shirt “regardless of performance during the challenge.”

The impossible-sounding challenge costs $150 to enter and promises plenty of totally free publicity to a restaurant with a name translating to Mr. Badass.

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