Fuku will fry up its potential food waste to sell to waiting customers

David Chang will start frying up his leftovers to sell to you.

Fuku’s dark meat is getting its white meat companion.

Fried chicken guru Dave Chang announced via Instagram on Monday that his new, highly acclaimed fried chicken sandwich spot, Fuku, will soon serve all white meat chicken fingers.

“Before today we were ‘throwing away’ all the white chicken meat, in order to serve the proper more delicious parts of the bird,” the chef and restaurateur posted.

Fuku fingers are coming coon, but Chang notes that  “anything in quotation marks is not to be taken literally or seriously except the fact that Fuku fingers, made of white chicken meat, are coming soon.”

Maybe Fuku wasn’t actually wasting its white meat, but developing yet another top secret recipe to rule NYC’s chicken game.

Fuku, known for it’s all dark meat fried chicken sandwiches, has become one of the city’s premiere wait-in-line foodie destinations, so it’s expected that the forthcoming Fuku fingers will be a hit.

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