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Koreatown guide: Where to eat, sing karaoke and shop

Want to explore Manhattan’s Koreatown? Here’s your itinerary for a night out around the 32nd Street strip, courtesy of Matt Rodbard, co-author of “Koreatown: A Cookbook.” (Read our Q&A with Rodbard here.)

Rodbard also shares his go-tos for Korean ingredients, for when you want to have a night in.

Start at Her Name is Han

Photo Credit: Facebook / Her Name is Han

"That's a little bit of a newer restaurant, it feels like Seoul to me. It's very traditional cooking, but more of a modern spin with the decor," Rodbard says. "You can do a few small plates there, maybe have a cocktail or some soju." (17 E. 31st St.)

Next, eat at Pocha 32

Photo Credit: Facebook / Pocha 32

"You can drink more and order heartier soups and maybe some rice cakes," Rodbard says. (15 W. 32nd St.)

Sing some karaoke

Photo Credit: Flickr / Jazz Guy

"There's a number of places on 32nd Street, any is good," Rodbard says.

End the night at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeon

Photo Credit: Facebook / Kang Ho Dong Baekjeon

"['Koreatown: A Cookbook' co-author] Deuki [Hong's] restaurant is a fun place to end the night," Rodbard says. "I think it's the best restaurant for barbecue, and I guess I am just saying that because he is my partner in the project, but really it is the best." (1 E. 32nd St.)

Market choice #1: H Mart

Photo Credit: Facebook / H Mart

"They just remodeled it, I really like what they've done," Rodbard says. "They have all the fundamental products that you need, like gochujang and ganjang, and they have a lot of cuts of meat you would use, like short ribs and sirloin." They also have locations in Queens, in Flushing and Bayside, Rodbard adds. (38 W. 32nd St.)

Market choice #2: Kalustyan's

Photo Credit: Flickr / Jazz Guy

"If you're shopping for spices and international cuisines, you can find a lot of stuff at Kalustyan's," Rodbard says of the specialty market, which is just outside Koreatown. "They also have a really good counter upstairs that serves sandwiches. They're so good." (123 Lexington Ave.)


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