McDonald’s now delivers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn

Forget the drive-through, NYC has door-to-door McNuggets now.

If you’ve already spent most of your paycheck on Chipotle delivery, New Yorkers have a new, budget-friendly option. McDonald’s delivery!

McDonald’s announced on Monday that they’ll be piloting a delivery program, similar to Chipotle’s, with Postmates.

88 McDonald’s restaurants in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn will offer their full menu — except for ice cream cones — for delivery, with some restaurants offering 24-hour delivery options. 4 a.m. McNuggets anyone?

“This is a city where delivery is a way of life,” said Mwaffak Kanjee, vice president, general manager of the McDonald’s New York Metro region in a press release. “We are excited to launch this test so our customers can get hot, freshly prepared food right from McDonald’s kitchens, when and where they want it.”

That’s right, “fresh” and “McDonald’s” were used in the same sentence!

Postmates charges a 9% service fee and a $5 delivery charge, so your Dollar Menu special is going to be at least $6.09…

Bring on the new age of laziness, when fast food is delivered basically straight from the deep fryer to your mouth.

Melissa Kravitz