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Momofuku Ko will butcher a venison saddle in eyesight

Momofuku Ko opens Friday, Nov. 28.

Momofuku Ko opens Friday, Nov. 28. Photo Credit:

David Chang's highly-anticipated relaunch of Momofuku Ko has New Yorkers and foodies from all over chomping at the bit. We're hearing it's going to be close to impossible to get a reservation.

Indeed, it's got only 40 seats and 22 are at the counter.

But that's not what interests us most. What interests us is this bit of info that came to light in anterview Executive Chef Sean Gray gave to Chang's own Lucky Peach magazine (which appears to have been taken down, but the highlights are here on Grub Street.)

Momofuku Ko will butcher saddles of venison in plain sight of customers. (!!)

As we've said, venison is on the upswing in NYC, so we're excited to watch this, and then eat the delicious meat.

Momofuku Ko is a tasting menu-style restaurant, each diner gets 17 courses, or "servings." Special diets can be accommodated. Each meal is $175 plus $155 for a beverage pairing.

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