NYC museum restaurants: dinner with a side of art

When Saul Bolton opened his new restaurant, the acclaimed chef didn’t do it on a trendy block in Brooklyn or an up-and-coming neighborhood. He did it in a nearly 120-year-old museum.

“I’m a little idealistic, I like the idea of being in an iconic institution,” said Bolton, who opened his eponymous restaurant in the Brooklyn Museum in October 2013. “It’s very inclusive and community-oriented, but also a world-class museum.”

Bolton isn’t the only chef cooking amid centuries-old artifacts and priceless works of art. Saul Restaurant is just the latest in a long line of restaurants to open inside the city’s museums and art institutions over the past 10 years or so.

Here’s your definitive guide to museum dining in the city. You don’t need to pay admission to dine at these restaurants, but why not feed your mind and your stomach at the same time?

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